Delicious Complication by Sabrina Sol

Boys and their mama’s!
Brandon Montoya has the world at his fingertips, one click and he can have anything he wants…except what he wants most…his mama coming to town for much needed medical treatment.
The singularly most important woman in his life has just discovered she has cancer and he can’t convince her to let him help save her life, let him get her the very best treatment, to let him keep her with him a little longer. He isn’t giving up on his mom without a fight and if he has to Brandon is ready to play dirty!!
Knowing that the only thing important to his mama is his happiness, Brandon plots to trick her into coming to town – what better way that for her to believe that he has found the love of his life and if finally settling down. Ok, so here I was ready to throttle him but I could sense the desperation – he really was prepared to do anything.
So first task, find himself a willing participant in his get mamma to town charade!
That would be the fabulous Daisy Robles.
Daisy is doing everything she can to get her business up and running but times are tough at the minute and having never had much of relationship with her own mother, she is struck by just how far Brandon is prepared to go for the woman that brought him into the world.
Desperate to help the situation Daisy agrees that she will be his fake fiancé, after all how difficult is it going to be?
Famous last words, there Daisy!!!!
 The plan may be simple but the execution by Sabrina Sol was superb.
I loved Brandon from the first page, he was a pitch perfect alpha male with a body chiselled for sin and a mouth that was as filthy as they come… I could have listened to him all night.
The story not only flowed it practically floated – I adored the connection between the two of them and the consummate ease with which the author brought them and their predicament to life.


Topic: Delicious Complication by Sabrina Sol

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