Scarlett Red by PT Michelle


Well, I read and loved Mr Black and PT Michelle has knocked another one out of the ball park because Scarlett Red is every bit if not more amazing that Mr Black!!!

I am sorry to have to tell you guys that is you haven’t read Mr Black yet then you really need to stop what you are doing and read it first because none of this will make sense to you without it or actually I shouldn’t really say that it is just the things that mean the most – the nuances that make the book unique will slip by you and I for one would deem that to be a tragedy!!

Three years have passed since we left Talia and Sebastian and while they may be older they are certainly not much wiser when it comes to each other. There is a definite trust issue encircling the pair of them – they both find it hard to trust, not just each other but anyone.

Talia is bamboozled into a singles vacation on a luxurious island by her aunt but only agrees to go if her friend Cass geos with her – so reluctantly she sets off – only to discover at the last minute that Cass has a job opportunity come up that is just too good for her to miss and so, Talia is flying solo – happy about it – I think not!!

Arriving at the airport she is met by the islands pilot Bash and a short helicopter ride to the island later, the nerves are shot because the enigmatic Bash has her at sixes and seven, stirring feelings that she had long since laid to rest when she left Sebastian.

Her feelings for Sebastian have never left her and if anything they remain as strong as ever but since she has a cat in hells chance of ever seeing him again, she has concentrated herself on her new career – writing.

The island holds no interest for her until a slightly sinister plot emerges, where people who are connected to her or have at least tenuous links to her appear to have been duped.

The twists and turns and furtive goings on was fascinating, as was the fact that the mysterious Bash had a wealth of secrets that he had yet to share with Talia.

Could she figure him out before it was too late or would she chalk him up to another poor substitute for Sebastian – well you will have to read to find out – but the outcome is fabulous.

Bash is everything that an Alpha man should be, and he knows it but that is not to say that he is not downright delectable because he is.

The book is a triumph, it is cohesive, complex and will have you panting for more. The characters will both hold and keep your attention and you will have everything crossed by the end.

This story has enough legs to run for a considerable period of time yet and I for one cannot wait for my next fix from the remarkable Ms Michelle.