Kaufman by Nicole Edwards

In my opinion I would strongly urge you to read Rush before you pick this one up, there are strong references to events and characters from the first book in the series throughout this book and without the details from the very start, I think you might be doing yourself a disservice.

Spencer Kaufman (aka Optimus) is the formidable captain of the Austin Arrows. And as learnt in the first book he is also the guy that the new public relations expert for the Arrows dumped by text, seventeen years ago. Something that he has never managed to shake, while he certainly hasn’t shied away from women, I suppose he could be described as a love them and leave them guy, women are not a permanent feature, well unless you are his sister and her daughter because when it comes to them, he is putty!

But all that changes when his sister starts to date Kingston and her bestie Noelle starts to find a way beneath the shell that he has created around himself.

It’s not as is they haven’t known each other for years but their connection hasn’t really been anything other than through association, until now because once they take that step, there is no going back, no matter how much Noelle might think that is what she wants.

Spencer is all in from early doors but with Amber still in the picture and the circumstances concerning her past know being common knowledge, there are nagging doubt and self-preservation playing a very strong part in the relationship between the two of them.  

I liked Noelle and that was because I believed in her, I loved the fact that she was honest about the fact she was looking for a relationship and how she was going about it, it made me smile. I also understood her hesitancy.

Spencer was everything I expected him to be but he hid the fact that he really struggled with large gatherings/ public speaking from everyone, that was until the night Noelle saw straight through his defences and was able to be the shoulder he needed.

Could this pair make it to a happy ever after or would they fall apart at the seams?

Was this going to be the relationship that was a long time coming but worth the wait?

I hoped so.

Topic: Kaufman by Nicole Edwards

Date: 31/10/2016

By: Clare Flack

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