A Taste of Summer by Beverly Preston


A fabulous addition to the Mathews Family Series.

This is Summer (or Ryan as he is better known to the general public) and Carrie Anne’s story and it is one that runs the gambit of emotions.

Carrie Anne was a great character, so self-assured. She really will bring a smile to your face, she isn’t afraid to call Summer out when need be and when they get into it, a battle of wills ensues and she is more than capable of handling this cocky superstar. Because to her he is just Summer, the boy she knew before his profile went global!

The story looks both back at their past and deals with some aspects of life that have shaped the people they are now. Some of those events have been hard to bear and those are not easy to read. But it is not all hardship, the two of them are delightful when they are in full flow, they are bright and funny and their relationship has the most refreshing breeze that blow through it. They brought a genuine smile to my face.

But there is one secret, one doozy that she has hung on to one, that she took her time top reveal, I was hanging by a thread… seriously it is not good for my heart that sort of tension!

I found the descriptive prose was superb, it encouraged my imagination to draw and colour their own pictures. Although I am pretty sure my image of Summer would be X-rated if it was in the public domain- sorry but the guy is just so damn hot and has always been, Woohoo!!!

When what might have slipped through your fingers is within your grasp again and it would be a fool to let that go.

When you have longed for that person, when they are all that you can see, you have to make the most of every opportunity, Carrie Anne and Summer had, had their time and then it was gone, but after a decade they get a second bite at the cherry, the chance to have it all over again but in glorious technicolour, because for this pair in an all too real grown up version of those early days… second time is a charm!