Gypsy Brothers Books 1-5 by Lili Saint Germain


Gypsy Brothers Series By Lili St Germain


Novella’s don’t usually catch my attention but in this case I was pleased when this fell onto my radar.

Each book in the series demands attention and you would be well placed to remember that this is a dark story – it is not for the fail hearted and does not show the lighter side of life in any way, shape or form! – it is brutal but it is honest and for that reason – hold on tight because you will need every defence mechanism you have to survive the emotional onslaught that you have coming your way !

Happy reading!


Book 1:  Seven Sons


Short but definitely not sweet .

Life for Juliette Portland ended at the end of age of Fifteen – no, dont get me wrong she didn’t die, well not in the true sense of the word. But she might as well have because the girl she was ceased to exist that day, the day her father was murdered.

When Dornan Ross and his boys took not only her father but her innocence from her – they sealed their own fate, because this young lady was not one to forgive and forget and retribution would be hers.

By the time she gets to the age of twenty one – Juliette is no longer Juliette – she is Samantha Peyton and she is about to unleash the hounds of hell on Dornan and his boys.

Six years of pent up rage and revenge for  the men that stole her life.

She has a plan,one that has no option but to suceed –past loyalties are brushed aside and previous loves forgotten and when she reaches the Club, she lives by the only rule that matters– trust no-one.

This book is an intense piece of writing which takes the reader to some very difficult places, not because of gratuitous sensationalism but because this story demands to be told with honesty and realism, it screams to be allowed to show the unrepentant side of humankind and what can, in some cases be the reality of the Motorcycle Club.

I got the impression that Juliette feelings for Jase, the youngest of the seven boys might derail her slightly but it was his father that consumed her every waking minute and nothing not even the re-emergence of the flicker of teenage lust will allow her to deviate from that plan.

Dornan fell for Juliette hook line and sinker and the situation around them was one that will make you take a sharp intake of breathe – it definitely made me gasp!

It me question not only their sanity and my own at that point because if they don’t seem to grasp that what is happening is completed fucked up then – perhaps it's just my perceptions interfering.

Definitely not for anyone with a sensitive or nervous disposition this is an exceptional piece of work – it is not without fault but or perhaps that is unfair- the book doesn't really have fault it is how you interpret the events in the book that could be misconstrued. So the fault I suppose lay with me as a reader - trying to read my sensitivities into the situations.

But I know that now - lesson learnt!!!  I can say though  - once this book has you, you are going no-where!!!

Because nothing is better than good old fashioned revenge.


Book Two: Six Brothers


Much like the first book, this one follows swiftly and continues in the same vein – namely it will grab you by the throat and refuse to let go!

Picking up exactly where book one finished, we find Dornan and the rest of his brood, mourning the death of Chad.

Juliette continues to play her role ( Sammi) and hides her contentment at her first kill, all the while providing comfort to the Ross family. The girl's performance is oscar worthy - honestly how she manages it, beggars belief.

Dornan’s relationship with Juliette is not an easy one to get your head around but in this you get to see that this girl is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals and Dornan is a means to an end – for that I think the author pitched the scenario perfectly – if somewhat delicately on the edge of acceptable.

I have a feeling that Jase may be beginning to suss things out – or perhaps that is just wishful thinking on my part – I want one of them to be a good guy – surely that is not too much to hope for?

They can’t all be as fucked up as Dornan – or has he bread a colony of morons!!

I am keeping everything crossed for Juliette on her mission to rid the world of Dornan and his deliquents!

You go girl!!



Book Three: Five Miles

Jesus H-Christ!!

This novella was quite simply stunning!

Still as dark and moody as the others but holy cow, Juliette is one seriously not to be messing with woman!!

The author has raised the bar yet again and does not disappoint because you will be on the edge of you seat the whole way through this novella.

Now that Juliette has eliminated yet another of the boys, the MC is imploding – Dornan trusts no-one and is determined to extract revenge for the death of his two boys – if only he knew!!!

Juliette still only has her eyes on her original goal but in this book we get to feel a little for the woman hiding away under her bad ass persona.

This is a little girl who was not only brutally raped but lost the most important man in her life – someone that she will never get over not having around and someone that she is prepared to give her last breath to avenge – I felt sorry for her and felt the pain that was ticking away inside her.

We get a bit more of Juliette and Elliot in this book – and my hunch about Jase- well, maybe I may get my way after all because I am sure he is not a green as he is cabbage looking !

If you haven’t guessed, I am now fully engrossed in this amazing series – it is downright wrong in so many aspects but it is so fucking right that I would need my head read to be anything other than opening up the next installment!!!



Book Four : Four Score

This was a little belter !!!

Again picking up straight after the end of book three, this took an unexpected turn for me – because it wasn’t all gung ho and moody – it was much more subdued, sensitive almost.

It settles a few things that have been hanging around with regards to Juliette and Jase.

We get to hear and feel some of their truths and it will melt even the hardest of hearts – I cried and I haven’t done any of that so far in this series!

This is emotionally devistating and written with such understanding and care, that you really give a shit about not only Juliette but Jase too– this gives him an opportunity to matter.

As a reader, I have to say that this was a beautifully written piece of work, one that broke my heart and held my attention… well done!!

Oh and by the way – you will not want to miss out on that ending – it’s a corker!!!!!!!!!!!!


Book Five : Three Years


Bloody hell, my heart can’t take much more of this!

I had an inkling that the closer we got to the end of the series – the harder I was going to find it to read each novella.

Juliette is like a friend now – I am invested in her quest for revenge but after the end of the previous book – this one was always going to blow my mind….  and Yep – I’m right – it has me quivering in my chair, bereft and blubbering!!

If you think that some of the previous books were hard – then pull up the big girl knickers ladies because Lili Saint Germain has just re-written the definition of fucked up!!

This book is relentless, Juliette is on the back foot and Dornan is on the rampage.

The man is completely deranged and with his wrath fully focussed on Juliette, well I am sure I don’t have to spell how bad it is going to get out for you?

I found myself yelling at the kindle, crossing my fingers for her and hoping the evil bastard developed an aneurism just dropped down dead – all to no avail.
Ms Saint Germain you are a very wicked woman!!!

Clever but wicked all the same.


Series So Far - Rating - Off the Charts - Brilliant!!