by Lila Monroe

I really enjoyed this, it wasn’t angst ridden although it wasn’t all sweetness and light either, the characters had their fair share of ups and downs as they found what worked for them and what didn’t.
Written from both points of view I thought the author delivered an engaging, light hearted and entertaining read, I caught myself chuckling out loud on numerous occasions as I was reading.
Not only back in Philly but also back home with her parents Maggie Hayes has a lot of soul searching and regrouping to be getting on with, and bumping into her teen crush Drew wasn’t exactly high on her list of priorities but once they had bumped into each other there was only ever one path this duo was going to follow and they would be doing it together.
What I didn’t know then as the reader was just what a rip-roaring journey that would be.
The connection between the two of them was what made them perfect for each other, they were so funny together and that humour leapt off the page, I thought the author captured that side of their relationship perfectly. She illuminated the fact that Maggie was a fantastic woman, someone who wanted more, she wanted to make her business a success but she also saw the funny side of life, she was willing to laugh at herself and with Drew, she had a guy that had reached the top of his game, and continued to make him mark in the Music industry as a producer but that was also willing to support her in everything she wanted…she couldn’t have wanted for anything more in a man and I think she knew that.
For a fun filled read this will be hard to top!

Topic: MR RIGHT-NOW by Lila Monroe

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