Violet Blood

by Lindsay Marie Miller

The fourth book in the series and I have to admit that I haven’t managed to read any of the previous novels, so at times is found this a little more complicated than it probably would have been if I had.
I have to review this as a standalone story, and in that capacity, I must say that it read really well. Both Addie and Tom were great characters, they had a relationship that was much like real life, full of events that took them to both the highs and lows that loving someone can bring and I didn’t for one second think that they didn’t love each other, because they fought so hard to make what they had work.
As they travelled what was a complicated path, they both discovered and uncovered a multitude of both secrets and lies but that didn’t seem to get in their way. In many respects, it made both of them and their relationship stronger.
Emotionally this took me on a rollercoaster ride, it allowed me t gather my thoughts, only to then rip right through them. I found it difficult to pace myself as I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming urge to see where their journey would end…Could Tom keep Addie safe or would it all come to nothing?
Well written and highly recommended

Topic: Violet Blood by Lindsay Marie Miller

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