Bad Blood

by Amity Cross


I am not saying this to warn you off, in fact I hope you dig right in because you will be missing something that I can only describe as extraordinary if you don’t but it would be remise of me not to say what I am about to  – Please if you do not like a story that is dark and unforgiving then do yourself a favour – secure your sleep and heed the authors warning because as magnificent as Bad Blood is it is not for the faint hearted, it will take you to places that other books steer well away from but if you want to face the challenge then you are my friend in very good company because Amity Cross – has a story that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat but also have your heart in your mouth.

Taking up the mantle from the end of Royal Blood we are right back in the thick of it – with Mercy and X as they do their best to escape the danger they are in. X is feeling things that he has long since laid forgotten and the impact they have on him are causing more issues that he could have ever anticipated but his saving grace is the effect that Mercy has on him – she knows all too well that he is a serious threat to her safety but yet she feels or at least shows little fear – because she seems to be able to calm him when nothing else can.

Mercy is holding fast in the hope that not only will she be able to extract revenge on those that took away all that she loved in the world but that in time X will eventually fill that void and be able to love her the way she knows she loves him. It gave me a sense of pride watching Mercy develop and adapt, knowing that despite where she had come from she was finding her metal and would be able to exact her revenge.

If like me you like to take a walk on the dark side every one and then, then I have to say that both Royal Blood and this Bad Blood will feed your need – I loved it.

I thought long and hard before writing this review because I didn’t want to put anyone off the book, because it deserves to be read by as many people as possible but while it is expertly written and superbly crafted it is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a challenge and a chance to throw caution to the wind then this might just be for you – go on – take a chance, I dare you!!!