Possessed Part 3

by Coco Cadence


This is the final kicker in what has been a perfectly encapsulated little series, a completely delightful means of escape.

As with the previous books, the story revolves around Sam and Leo and after the revelations that were divulged at the end of book two it is time to finally make sense of the situation and to try and find a way for the both of them to survive the aftermath of everything they have been through.

But they are closer than they think, to being able to accept the truth about the nature of what they not only have now but have had all along – because Leo lays it all on the line in his bid to win the heart of Sam and I have to say he picked up a few extra brownie points in my books when he tries to explain that he has had feelings for her all along – ever since her interview.

But the path to true love never runs smoothly as we are all very much aware and for Leo and Sam the very large and obnoxious fly in their ointment is Leo’s ball and chain – the much hated “wife”, the woman holding the annulment he so desperately seeks hostage over him. She wants what he can’t give her, but when Sam plays right into her hands in a misguided attempt to help – Leo is left with no choice but to do the one thing he never wanted – he fires Sam!

But when the truth all comes to light, Leo fights back with every means possible, can they make it back to where they both need to be- can he explain his actions and win his woman back?

Well, she doesn’t make it easy for him and the lengths that he goes to were little short of Epic but when I said he laid himself on the line earlier in the book – I underestimated the man, he did his grovelling in a HUGE way and he had too because firing her marked the end in their relationship as far as Sam was concerned and that broke her heart.

She couldn’t comprehend why when she stood by him despite everything he had done, he would be able to just dismiss everything that they had, he smashed her heart to smithereens and worse still she let him.

But when she finally gets a glimpse of what he has been up to in order to win her back it was obvious that she was fighting a losing battle and I have to say that I was glad she didn’t leave him hanging too much, they had been through  too much to walk away and when she heard his explanation, he must have laced his words with more than charm because each word attached itself to the shattered shards of her heart and slowly glued them back together

All in all they don’t only compliment they complete each other and this nippy little trilogy is a crafty little read that not only introduces great characters but a new author that shows from the get-go that she has plenty to give to the genre.