Where the Road Takes Me by Jay McLean

Where the Road Takes Me- where to start is probably the better question.

Blake and Chloe – the main characters meet when he happens upon her one evening while he is out jogging, not one to leave a damsel in distress, he offers his assistance and is smitten immediately. Chloe on the other hand plays her cards much closer to her chest and no matter what the physicality of the situation is saying to her – inside – nothing – not going there – not a hope in hell!!

Now, that peaked my interest!

 The closer they became the harder it was for her to remain so guarded but she put up a darn good show and in some respects it annoyed the hell out of me, he was a nice guy – what the hell is wrong with you woman!

Life maps are meant to be flexible, events change and needs and wants have to be met but Chloe has one goal – graduate and hit the road – without Blake.

Blake on the other hand has no desire to do anything without Chloe but can he worm his way in and can he make the biggest decision of his life count for not just something but everything?

I loved Blake, he was a great guy, so determined. I loved his friend Josh and the relationship they had and both Chloe and Blake had families that were prevalent in their stories a refreshing change!

But Chloe, well I have to say she was hard to get a handle on and on more than one occasion, she got on my very last nerve!

Is it wrong to get completely peeved with a mere character is a book – because I think that is what happened to me, at times she just really annoyed me!

Overall though I have to say that the story was good, yep I had an issue or two but it didn’t deter me, and I have to say the last quarter of the book was knockout!