Manhattan Millionaire

by Jennifer Ann


Ok, so the main characters are Sophia and Nolan’s and I have to say by the end of the book I had actually come to like the two of them but it wasn’t always the case because while on the whole the story was enjoyable, there were occasions where they both managed to rub me up the wrong way.

But again, looking on the positive side I would have to commend the author for the fact that she was  able to put so much into the characters that I was able to form such strong opinions, initially I wanted Nolan to be something he wasn’t but the author knew what he had going on in his head and was very clever in her delivery of his story.  

I’m not ignoring Sophia, I know she was just as important part but for me she almost took a back seat to Nolan, when it came to them as individuals. Together though that was a different story, what they had was far from run of the mill because they had things to work through that when addressed together made for very interesting reading.

I felt as if each of them was able to provide the support the other one needed as they both worked their way towards the relationship they wanted, which when you are facing your own demons is far from easy…so be prepared you may require a tissue or two. I think the author was author was cleverly creative with how they embraced what they were feeling and how their relationship was developing.

The one think I really liked was the way they bantered back and forth with each other, but I also loved the whole thing they had going on with the dares that they fired at each other, those I found a real twist and very enjoyable.

Having not read the previous books in the series, I think I was missing a bit of not only their back story but also details on the secondary characters that make an appearance in the story but that is my mistake.

So therefore, looking at this as a standalone, I would have to say that the book was very well written and very descriptive and as a friend to lover’s story it does exactly as you would expect.

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