Provoke Me by Elle Raven


This series just keeps on getting better and better,

Book three and it is an absolute bruiser, finally we get the story behind the niggle that has been bubbling along between Marco and Millan for the last two novels

They like nothing better than to get under each other’s skin, it is almost a game to the two of them to see who can wind the other up the most, I suppose it is a subconscious flirting because deep down there are feelings there that they just cannot deny, no matter how hard they try to kid not only themselves but the rest of the family.

So Milan, one of the best female characters I have read in ages, she is a full on hurricane, no holds barred, call it like it is woman but she has a softer side, she hides what I can only describe as a bruised heart behind her antagonistic exterior.

She what happened to make her the way she is, well that is a long story but I have to say once you get all the details it helps to explain the way she is and you will feel completely different towards her. You will also get why she is the way she is with Marco. The author really did slot all the pieces into place perfectly.

And then there is the enigmatic master that is Marco... first off he fell into the Max category for me, I know they are brothers and I should have expected that but I really didn’t know what to make of him, he was so guarded, hiding his heart away and I wasn’t sure if I liked him and then turn a few more pages and get a bit more of a peek under his skin and he had me hook line and sinker.

He is the sort of guy that you really need you’re A game around because one slip in concentration and you are done for. By the end, oh my god the man is a legend – love him! I know what the heck but a woman is allowed to change her mind.

So what about the two of them together, well I am saying nothing more than be prepared, because it is not all plain sailing and when it gets bumpy the bumps are of seismic proportions.

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