Chasing the Wind by Hannah Hooton

Honestly I am beginning to believe that I am my own worst enemy!

I mean what sort of doughnut actually willingly starts with the last book in the series and doesn’t for one second consider that she will be tearing her hair out by the time she gets half way into the story – really ..Duh!

But once I was into the story I shrugged my shoulders at my mistake and resigned myself to read the book for none other than what I had in front of me and for the purpose of this review I am reviewing it almost as a standalone novel.

The book was very well written, it was precise and clean, there were no mistakes and the dialogue flowed seamlessly.

As the last book in the series, it appears to have done exactly what I would have expected, it hit the ground running or perhaps I should say trotting in this case and it refused to give up.

The events at the start of the book are more heart-breaking than I could have ever imagined, Jack’s soul was completely destroyed by his loss and his life seems to be beginning to spiral out of  control. He is at the mercy of the forces around him as he continues to try to come to terms with his loss, but what else is slipping through his fingers?

Can he hold his life together, can he be the man his wife needs to help her handle her grief or will they drown in each other’s devastation and take the yard down with them?

The mystery surrounding the subterfuge that is taking place at the yard was played to absolute perfection, it had me second guessing who and what were everyone’s motives.

I was wary of Lucy, then again I usually am when there is an undercover reporter in the story but I as reluctant as I was to take her at face value, and I couldn’t help but be entranced by the situation that was brewing between her and Finn.

Her decisions were ones that would cause ripples, could she ride them out?

Would she have her guy at the end if she did?

I loved that the whole equine backdrop was one that you don’t come across every day and I was charmed by the edge that, that scenario brought to the story. The author certainly packed the story full of both knowledge and intent!

Now that I have read the end I can safely say that I will head back and pick up the others, I am sure that there is depth that I have missed by starting at the back so to speak but when books are written this well, reading them again is never a hardship – I think I may need and Aspen Valley marathon to get me past the finishing post!

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