Nasty Bastard by Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield

Ok, that’s it I am done! This series so far has been nothing short of bl**dy glorious and this one, Smoke’s story is for me the best of the lot so far.

From the first page it held no prisoners, it took off at a gallop and never slowed down. The story was so much…oh what is the word…everything!!! This is raw, it is gritty and it is totally fabulous.

Smoke and Gidget have known each other all their lives, they are club brats having grown up at the heels of the brothers in the club but Gidget always wanted more, she wanted a life outside the club, a career that wasn’t dependant on what was happening in a business she would never have any say in.

But the burgeoning relationship that she and Smoke had through high school was the only blemish in her plan, being without him was too much to bear, or at least it would have been if he hadn’t taken it upon himself to take that decision out of her hands.

Smoke adored Gidget and there wasn’t a chance that he was going to be the reason she put her life and plans on hold, so knowing full well that getting her to leave was going to take drastic action, he took the bull by the horns and made sure that when she walked away…. what they had was dust!

He broke not only her heart but his too.

Life goes on for the two of them and in the years they have been apart, Gidget has not only qualified as a nurse, she married and has had a son Parker. But she is divorced now and when comes into contact with Smoke again it isn’t all sweetness and light, she’s in trouble and it is Smoke that comes to her aid.

Smoke can’t believe that Gidget is back but from the second he finds out she is within his grasp there isn’t a hope in he** that she is going to slip through his fingers again.

But can he turn back time, after all 13 years is one heck of a period to try and make up, let alone rectifying what happened before she left.

I loved the interaction between Smoke and Parker, it added a whole new dimension to the situation because as much as he loved Gidget, he knew that this little guy was beginning to mean more to him that he thought possible. But the big question was could Gidget allow him into not only hers but also Parkers?

There was more than just their budding reconnection going on in this story, there was angst and attitude a plenty. As you would expect the MC are up to their eyes in events that brought more than a touch of danger to their gate and there was no holding back on how this band of brother’s deal with those that pose a threat to them and theirs.

Could Smoke and Gidget get a happy ever after, would the events surrounding not just them but the club be resolved?

These authors have quite simply nailed this series, it is absolutely fabulous and shows no sign of slowing down, each book gets better and better and I cannot wait to see what else they have up their very talented sleeves.


Topic: Nasty Bastard by Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield

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