Hidden Obsession by Missy Johnson

There are some books that are quick reads and then there are some that just fly through your hands. This one is the latter because no sooner had I started than I felt like I had screeched to a halt.

The book is short but it is a decent story but I feel it had enough in the tank that would have been able to carry it just a little longer.

Conrad and Raven, I have to say that I loved the characters and the connection between them but I think they were done a disservice – the ending was much too sharp, too abrupt or maybe I just wasn’t ready to let them go – who knows?

Raven’s stalker may be the catalyst to their connection but the depth of it was all them. They were great together.

I really don’t want to give you a full rundown on the story because you may pick more out of it when you read it for yourself – but what I cannot fault is the quality of what was written, because it was both beautiful and passionate.