Little Temptations by Madison Street

The book has a little to tempt in almost every category, it was more than just a romance, it a strong element of mystery that pulsed its way through the story and in doing so meant that the story bounced along at a pace that was easy to become engaged with.

There was definitely more to the story than I thought I was going to get and I enjoyed that, I liked that while the author was able to inject the angst and attitude, she also gave the book room to flex its own muscle so to speak. I thought the characters were rich, they were detailed and I was able to create a clear picture in my mind of who they were and what they looked like.

Taylor brought the spirit of the book to life, he was a fighter in every sense of the word and because of him I think I found myself more comfortable with the book than I might have been with anyone else, not everything was to my taste but that is the whole point of a story, it will engage you in its own way and we are all different so what works for me, might push other people too far.

Taylor hadn’t had it easy, so I think he tugged at my heartstrings and for that I was prepared to let things slide, he kept me busy and I really liked that. He brought plenty of action to the story and I could easily understand why, his public and private persona didn’t exactly the gel. He might have been the hard man or give the impression he was but things aren’t always what they seem.

Harley is sent to help him when he finds himself on the wrong side of the law, it seems as if keeping out of trouble doesn’t come easy for Taylor but when Harley rocks up to help him out of his predicament I was keeping my fingers crossed that things might just be about to improve for him.

Now, I won’t say that I liked Harley straight of the bat, she took more than a little bit of getting used to but there was something, a feeling that came a cross that she was used to keeping the real her hidden too. Luckily her secrets are slowly revealed and it is not difficult to see where her troubles stem from, taking on a huge legal case that has the prospect of putting away members of the mob is not exactly going to lower your profile but what she wasn’t ready for was the danger that suddenly becomes all too apparent.

The insta love isn’t my thing but this pair sort of danced around a little before things finally started to fall into place for them. But it wasn’t all plain sailing, what they had and the pressures that were put upon them both individually and as a pair was sometimes more than I thought they could possible shoulder but it was good to see that when push came to shove it was the strength of those around them, of their friends that kept them strong.

But will they make it? Now, come on you really don’t expect me to tell you? Do You????

I have one small complaint; I was looking for more in the epilogue. But again this is a personal preference.

I think the author did a good job, I liked the characters especially Taylor and I liked the pace of the story, it was descriptive without being distracting and it held its edge of anticipation well. Good Job!

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