The Thoughtless Series by S C Stephens

Where do I start with this series, it is my favourite and I can't see that ever changing. 

Kellan Kyle is a rock want to be him, women want to be with him and believe me, many get to be!!!!!

He is the lead singer of a band called the D-Bags and plays regularly at Petes bar with his band mates, Evan, Matt and Griffin, or the hulk as he likes to call himself because of the size of what's in his pants. 

Kellan hasn't always led a happy life, his childhood was far from perfect and when his parents died, his band followed him home to Seattle and that is where they have stayed.

 Denny is an old friend of Kellans. They met when he was an exchange student and lived with the Kyles for a year. He was witness to the life Kellan led and stood up for him, something Kellan has never forgotten and he classes Denny as his brother.

When a call comes out of the blue asking if he and his girlfriend Kiera can stay at Kellans, he is only too happy to say yes!!! 

The roommates get along well and everything is good until Denny has to go away to work. Feeling lonely, Kiera's relationship with Kellan get a little bit more in depth than just coffee over breakfast. 

The first book is all about how things progress and the dynamics between the three of them, what finally happens is a painful reminder of how crazy love can make you!!!!! 

The second and third books follow Kellan and Kiera's relationship as it develops, what happens when the band get signed and go away on tour. Will she ever be able to trust him what with his previous reputation for sleeping with anything with a pulse......

Being separated for months at a time is hard for both of them but with the discovery of a lot of little post it's and the odd photo, Kiera manages to get through it. 

It's when the band have to make a music video that their bond is tested. Sienna Sexton is a music legend trying to revive her flagging career. she decides to do this by basically turning the video into a very sexy film with Kellan as her lead. As you can imagine this doesn't go down to well, not only with Kiera but with Kellan as well who is for the first time in his life, completely and totally committed. 

The band promoters add fuel to the fire by implying that they are a couple and refusing to let the boys acknowledge that they have partners. Poor Kiera is left very much on the sidelines and when she is spotted with Kellan, becomes the target of a hate campaign. 

Please be assured that this series has the best HEA ever.......

I have read this series many times and it is always my go to read when I want something to cheer me up. 

The Thoughtful book is Thoughtless from Kellans POV and I have done a separate review for that. 

This series is a 5 out of 5 for me

Review by Sue