Double Down

by Alessandra Torre

I could be controversial and say that I didn’t get it but I would be lying through my teeth because I totally got each and every word of this book and I loved them all. There must be a list of superlatives as long as my arm that I could bring out to try and describe the book but I don’t think that any of them do it justice, this was a fabulous romance that was equally tempered with an awesome element of suspense.

The characters we fantastic, they truly spoke to me and I found that I knew not only what I wanted but what I needed for them. There was angst levelled throughout the book that when it was given the opportunity to bubble to the surface, was breath-taking…the drama was edge of the seat stuff and there was no let up.

Dario and Bell brought so much to the page that at times it was more than I could handle and I was left frantically flicking back to see what I had missed…so please pay attention, you need every clue that the author and characters give you.

I loved the way Darion cared so deeply for Bell, his focus being all about her and as a powerful and very wealthy man, he had no hesitation when it came to putting her before everything else in his life…but when danger came a calling, could he keep her safe?

I would live the opportunity to revisit not just Dario and Bell but also a few of the other prominent characters that I think I might not have quite finished with so I have everything crossed that the author may give them all a reprieve…I can wish, can’t I??


Topic: Double Down by Alessandra Torre

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