No Tomorrow

by Carian Cole


I made one mistake when reading this book – I took it with me when I went into hospital thinking I would have some down time to read without being disturbed – unfortunately I think my silent sobbing gave the nurses palpitations at times, as they passed my room door to find me sniveling into yet another tissue!

This is a book that is difficult to put into words, that was emotionally almost too much to bear but one that I would not have missed, on one hand I feel totally drained but on the other I am absolutely elated. Devastatingly beautiful, I can barely think of a word to sum it up other than epic.

I am loathed to divulge details about the book, because to be totally truthful I feel that you should experience this, a love like the one between Blue and Piper is a once in a lifetime experience and even reading it second hand brought goosebumps on my skin and left me gasping, my heart struggled to keep up with these beautiful souls and the journey that their love had to take see them through to where they needed to be.

Tackling some tough subject matter from the get go, this pair were really put through the mill and I had a feeling that I was going to need to camp out with a mountain of tissues before the story came to its conclusion but despite the tears, I knew that it would be worth every single tear.

Life isn’t all plain sailing, it is full of rough edges and obstacles that are designed to trip us up, the joy of this book is the journey that those obstacles forced Blue and Piper to take.

Be prepared for tears, be prepared for frustrations and be prepared for magnificence because this was nothing short of total perfection


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