Captured Memories

by Katherine McIntyre

There is an cleaver creativity surrounding the way this author has tailored the characters in this book, she gave two characters who had a way to go when it came to being all they could be the opportunity to discover not just themselves but each other.

I thought both Liv and Zane were both interesting in their own right, they each had a story to tell and
the author gave them both the opportunity to fill in the blanks…but was it enough?

Liv has always known that she had feelings for Zane and despite the fact that she hasn’t seen him for so long those feelings have not diminished but because of the events of her past she has never really been in a position to act on not only those feelings but any, so could she finally get her happy ever after or will her chance with Zane slip past her?

Well, I hoped not and not only for Liv’s sake but also Zane’s because she was the tonic he needed to level out his life, which from the outside he seemed like he was just keeping a handle on.

But would they make the perfect pair or was what they had going to suffocate the pair of them?

I loved the characters, Zane especially spoke to me in a way I hadn’t anticipated, yes he was the ultimate bad boy but he wasn’t willing to let that define him, he really did want more for himself, his tragic past did everything it could to keep him on the defensive but it was obvious that this was a good guy that just needed not only a break in life but someone to call his own…I had my fingers crossed that it would be Liv because if ever a woman needed her man, the one her soul was set on it was her.

I thought the author packed this with a level of intense emotion that was beyond what I had anticipated. The depth of feeling, the pain they experienced and the inner strength they exhibited was all brought to bear with a touch that was simply magnificent.

Totally captivating!

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