Breaking Free by Alexis Noelle

I can’t quite put my finger on what the problem was but there just seemed to be something that I wasn’t getting in this book, a connection that I just couldn’t make.

This is not to say that the book was not enjoyable because it was it just didn’t grab me the way previous works have.

Events with a stalker have left Holly emotionally vulnerable and she has some deep seated anxiety issues, making physical contact is something that really causes a problem but with a group of very close friends to watch her back, she is desperate to be just like everyone else and when her friend gets them tickets to see The Renegades, I got the feeling that she almost felt duty bound to accept the invitation.

They meant well, the gesture one that came from their hearts, this band were her favourites and they were all trying so hard to show her that things could get back to how they had been before. But the last thing she wants or needs is to be in excruciatingly close proximity to thousands of other people.

I think this niggled me, she knew this was a problem, why couldn’t she just tell them she couldn’t go. I wasn’t sure why she would put herself in that position, just for appearances sake, she really didn’t have to go, I am sure they would have understood.

But anyway she attends but sure as anything she disappears into the bathroom half way though, desperate to grab some time alone, and as far away from the milling crowds as possible.

After a few moments solitude and she emerges, straight into the path of Drew, lead singer of The Renegades.

Now that would have most normal women hyperventilating, this man was a god to millions but not Holly, she was more enamoured with the fact that their little run in had resulted in direct contact and she hadn’t felt the need to break out in a cold sweat and start running for the hills – if anything what really confused was the fact that Drew touch sort of calmed her, so to speak.

Honestly as if this man didn’t think he was a god already.

Now this is where the book, slides head first into a full on romance and I think in a way this where they lost me.

They both had demons that they kept tucked up inside and neither of them was looking for anything serious, heck neither of them was looking for anything at all if truth be told.

But they couldn’t keep away.

They were engaging enough,  as were the plethora of friends that surrounded them, especially Holly but I was waiting on it all falling apart, and that isn’t like me normally, I am always looking for the happy ever after.

Did this make me laugh in places, yes. Did it make me cry, in places, yes but it also left me slightly cold.

My main problem was instant love thing that was going on, Holly had been through so much,she had friends that were with her every step of the way yet if they laid a finger on her she would flinch and pull away from them but one single encounter with Drew the ultimate commitment phobe and consummate bad boy and it was all over.

She was besotted. I am ashamed to admit but I could feel my heart pulling away from the story then and there, she was just too full on, desperate maybe. If I had been her friend I would have been hurt by her actions. Holly, was happy to keep the world on the outside, but suddenly she has a world famous rock star in her life and everything changed.  Drew was the sort of man that Holly should have avoided like the plague but she stepped towards him like a moth to a flame.

I struggled with Drew, this rock star who could be a total ass at times and have women at his feet in the click of a finger and had never shown the slightest iota of indication that anyone mattered to him, until he met Holly…really!

And Holly, happy to keep the world on the outside, shunning all but the closest of friend and suddenly she has a world famous rock star in her life. Drew was the sort of man that Holly should have avoided like the plague but she stepped towards him like a moth to a flame.

A decent read but too clean cut and easy.