Hawthorne's Calm

by M A DeOlmos



I love Ocean and Liv and the intensity of their relationship. They are just so good together, they just pluck away at the heartstrings.

The two of them handle life in their own inimitable way and you will laugh and cry with them both at some point through the book. But it is Ocean that steals away your heart, he is just such a softie in so many ways, he has issues that mean you will be hard pressed to stop yourself for just praying that you could sooth his pain.

The story gets off of to an emotional start, I mean the way Ocean reacts when his mother shows up is just classic, he expresses his feelings as only he could and Liv handles him as only she could and in just the way that he needs.

Ocean’s reaction to his mother’s news that she is pregnant is super emotional, he reflects his anger at eth situation and is completely consumed with the fact that she is not capable of raising a child!

Law and Dulce, they have a deep understanding of each other, nothing getting past each other.

Dulce is opened up a little more than in previous novels and it is so enlightening, she really has had a tough trot in life, her family have been anything but what a normal person would consider as loving. Law is her empathy, her rock, the man she needs now, but he makes himself suffer for the fact that he could not protect her from the past that causes her so much pain.

Both Ocean and Law are protective of their women, and Ocean has good cause to be more possessive than normal. It is a delight to see.

You will adore the characters in the story I know I have and it has been such a journey with the four of them.

The book is not the last in the series as I had originally thought but I have to say that in my opinion I think that is a good thing, because I’m not ready to let go of Ocean ( and Law) just yet.

The book ends in a bit of a cliff hanger but again that is a strength because book 4 cannot come soon enough!!