Nothing but Trouble by Erin Kern




Nothing but Trouble by Erin Kern

New to this writer and her style it didn’t take me long to get to grips with the fact that although this book is part of a series, it could genuinely be read as a standalone novel.

Sometimes with books that are part of a series you can feel as if you are missing something – points where perhaps characters have previously interacted or have history – but this was not the case, the characters development was completely rounded and I found that I had no difficulty picking up their story and being absorbed by it.

The story centres on RJ Devlin the garage owner and sexy arsed mechanic and local girl made good –paediatrician Rebecca Underwood.

This pair has history and seem to dance around their feelings for each other more than you would think humanly possible – sometimes there is a need for straight talking- it was a shame that neither of them got that particular memo!

RJ rebuilds classic cars and when Rebecca and her mother decide to have her father’s classic car restored as a retirement gift for him, there was never any question of who would be doing the work.

All those years of keeping their distance from each other are laid to waste.

Rebecca has lived for years with the idea that after their one night, she was nothing more than a conquest to RJ, while he on the other hand believed that he was doing the noble thing by keeping his distance, he couldn’t be the man she deserved, he wanted better than him for her.

If only they had let their hearts in on their decisions because they have both harboured feelings for years – ones that now have to be addressed.

The story wasn’t all about their relationship, I enjoyed the fact that there was a simultaneous plot that accompanied Rebecca, the comings and goings at the medical practice where she worked was a clever twist, one that give her credence and allowed her to flex some independence – often with a romantic novel – the female lead ends up somewhat aerated but not Rebecca, she worked out what was going on and actually tried to do something about it. Despite what it could have cost her.

RJ and Rebecca were a clever pairing, they had a history that while not complicated it held them back, they restricted themselves but deep down the both knew how they felt – it was saying it that was the problem – sometimes it is better to stick with what you have rather than risk losing it all.

This was a second chance at what for both of them was effectively their first love. Rebecca had never let him go emotionally and RJ had never felt anything for anyone- ever, except Rebecca.

It is funny to think that three little words like  “I love You” can take a lifetime to not only say but accept.

Rating 4 out of 5