Decide. Declan Reede; The Untold Story by Michelle Irwin


A short blast into the life and loves of a teenage boy , with all the angst ridden hormones and tedious grown up hampering the absolute mission that you have set you mind on and believe me when I say that Declan is most definitely on a mission.

When his feelings for his best friend Alyssa finally move from mates to something more, or as more as you are going to get for a pair of 15year olds, the path of young love was never going to run smooth!

Like typical teenagers they changed their relationship status like most of us change socks but they always gravitated back to each other – but with the huge step into responsibility and their futures looming over them they were faced with the fact that potentially they were heading in different directions.

Alyssa was determined to go to university but further education held no desire for Declan his heart lay with his beloved motorsport and when an opportunity to race for his hero’s team opens up for him, the choice for him was never in doubt but what did that mean for his relationship with Alyssa?

The story was one that shows just how much it takes to follow your dream, the determination and confidence it takes to stand up for what you know in your heart to be right for you.

Declan was a single minded young man but one that didn’t hide the way he felt, not about his racing, his plans for the future or about the way he felt for Alyssa. Alyssa on the other hand was no shrinking violet, she too had a future planned out in her head that she was not ready to deviate from

But this was really life for them, this wasn’t a world where they could have it all, they had decisions that they had to make and circumstances that would shape their futures.

They had outside influences that were critical to their current state of mind but jut show much could they be swayed? And was the pressure that was brought to bear really in their best interests?

There are events afoot that are not entirely what they seem, I am sure.

This was a delightful introduction to a thoroughly delightful young man and I am looking forward to reading more of his story in the next book in the series

Topic: Decide. Declan Reede; The Untold Story by Michelle Irwin

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