Finding Tomorrow

by Kahlen Aymes

The second in the fabulous Trading Yesterday series by Kahlen Aymes, this book, Finding Tomorrow is everything I have come to expect from this author because it isn’t just, beautifully engaging and wonderfully romantically it was thought-provoking and totally captivating.
The story follows the life of Missy, her life hasn’t been one that has been particularly auspicious, her partner was an a**. the sort of guy that used his power and influence over Missy to ensure that he was able to control everything about her, he was a horrible guy and it didn’t take long before I was totally hooked and silently urging her to find a way to leave his sorry a**.  
And when she eventually gets herself together, she gathers up everything she holds dear and her son and moves to Atlanta. She finds work at Jensen’s workplace and does everything she can to keep her head down and stay under the radar. I thought she was a wonderful woman, I got the fact that she just wanted a simple life, she had been through so much heartache and pain that trust was hard for her to hand over, she was wanted to keep herself to herself but Jensen was able to show her that not every guy was like her ex and that if she needs to she can rely on him. I thought he came across as a genuine guy, one that was more than willing to be the good guy and to watch over not just Missy but also her son Dylan.
There were so many twists and turns that it was impossible to tell where the next piece of the action was coming from. There were events that will take your breath away in more ways than one, I was aghast at some of the situations that Missy initially experienced but was left breathless again with the connection that developed as her relationship with Jensen developed.
Ms. Aymes is able to create stories that speak volumes, it was full of characters that matter, each one bringing their spark to the page. I especially loved the kids, Dylan and Remi they were fantastic; the introduction of these beautifully cheeky kids was a stroke of genius, they stole the show!
A super read that was everything I wanted from a story and more.