The Painful Side of Love

by Rebecca Rohman

There is never a dull moment when reading a book by Rebecca Rohman, because she is inherently able to pack so much emotional content into her work that over and above the time you spend completely absorbed in the story, you will spend almost as long contemplating the message that seems to run just beneath the surface, the message that almost encourages you to look at life with a fresh perspective.

I love that she places such and emphasis not only on family but on consequence, on never taking anything or anyone for granted.

The natural timber of the story was to allow it to both ebb and flow between chapters, some of which had me mentally clapping my hands and others where I could almost feel my spirit wain. The quality of the writing is so good that the pain form the page is physical, it has a tangible presence and that has the ability at time to take my breath away.

When it comes to a relationship, Zoe and Morgan have the sort of marriage that is the envy of others, the sort of relationship that many of us would ultimately aspire to have. The depth of feeling is complete, but it Is not without the need for hard work and patience and that especially is what I like about this author work, he tells it how it is not how we might want it to be. Because as much as they go together hand in glove that doesn’t mean that there isn’t the opportunity for what they have to slip from their grasp, for one of them to retreat to a place that is perilously close to being just out of reach.

I am sorry that I am being elusive but I don’t want to spoil the book so I can’t give any more than I already have, the angst is ramped up and the mystery and danger elevated but all within the carefully constricted reason that this author has calculated constructed and that is no mean feat.

Overwhelmingly fabulous, you will fall head over heels, yet again for the quality of this author work.

Topic: The Painful Side of Love by Rebecca Rohman

Date: 26/04/2017

By: Rebecca Rohman

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