Saving Tayla

by Amanda Kaitlyn

Yet another great addition to what I have found to be a thoroughly enjoyable series.

Tayla is determined to get clean, to finally shake off her addictions, and she is well aware that it isn’t going to be easy because lord only knows she has given most of it far too much of her time but this time she has a commitment, something she needs to get clean for…her son.

I admired her commitment and thought that the author gave her an underlying strength that was endearing but that being said I wasn’t sure that she had what it took to actually achieve her goal this time, no matter how committed she initially seemed to be, because when it came down to it she had a painful past to recover from and that was never going to be easy for her.

Her past, the mistakes she has made and the emotional turmoil that some of her decisions and actions have had on her … have been devastating, but by the time Asher arrived on the scene , she was not only vulnerable but also emotionally desolate.

Could he bring something positive to her crumbling existence?

Asher was never the type of guy to stick around, the guy to pin your future on and he knew that, in fact he was happy with that but meeting Tayla changed everything because right of the bat he knew that she was just the type of woman that he may have to change his ways for because when he hears all about her past…his world was absolutely rocked.  

The only problem was that Tayla wasn’t the only one of the pair that was keeping secrets and when push comes to shove….the secrets that he continues to hold have the potential to much more than just scupper a fledgling romance but also totally devastate Tayla…could she or they survive.

I love the way the author portrays the inner turmoil of the characters, the detail of their dilemma and the intensity of the struggle is effective, I travelled this with them and was silently praying that Tayla would find everything she was looking for with Asher, fingers crossed


Topic: Saving Tayla by Amanda Kaitlyn

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