Surviving Harley

by K. Webster

There is a surprising amount that can be said for this little novella, not least the fact that I have no idea how the author managed to pack so much in with such credibility. There was no filler here, no padding, nope this was page to page content and every word mattered.

Taylor might be married to Harley but it was more of a business agreement than a relationship for her, unless of course you count the numerous fans that their relationship has garnered for her show. Because while holding down a marriage in front of the viewing public might not be everyone’s cup of tea, this is how Taylor has spent the last three months, living with that very scenario and while it might have been ok to start with, the gloss has definitely gone and she is now on a countdown to the end of the arrangement and freedom, the opportunity to get her life back and of course her single status. A divorce is first on her list of priorities.

But while she has been wishing the time away that hasn’t been the case for Harley, nope he has actually wanted to get to know the woman he married but it hasn’t been easy, Taylor isn’t the easiest woman in the world. But his is persistent but is he too late? Because by the time they have started to make any sort of headway, life outside exerts its own brand of crazy onto their own personal bubble and things take a very different and very dangerous turn.

The turmoil that surrounds them is not in isolation but they certainly need to think about themselves and their predicament because for the time being they were definitely safer together.

The threat they were facing was one that was hot on their heels and all too real, it seemed as if the faster they ran, the faster the terrorists chased, it was a cat and mouse game that kept me on the edge of my seat.

But this was more than just a romantic read, and yes there was the expected push and angst towards them being together both on and off camera but what I truly enjoyed was the thrill of the chase, the implied and implicit danger and band that, that forged between Taylor and Harley. This little read was an absolute thriller, it sharpened its claws, dug in and refused to let go. I was completely hooked and this little predator was to blame.

Topic: Surviving Harley by K. Webster

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