Whiskey Girl

by Adriane Leigh

I felt totally and utterly enchanted by this super second chance romance. I felt euphoric that they finally had their shot at happiness.

Beautifully written this was a poignant look at a couple that had not only had their shot but that when after a decade apart the opportunity to pick up the pieces of what they had left behind presented itself, took that opportunity with both hands and worked through the angst that their past and present presented to them.

The ebb and flow of the story was thoroughly engaging and at times I found it impossible to contain my emotions and couldn’t help but reach to wipe away the tears. The past had its place but it was everything they needed to overcome in order to make a future worth having.

Of course, all of that is easier said than done and each of them has secrets that threaten to derail their progress…can they trust enough to let those secrets out? Or will the mistakes of the past force their hand?

I couldn’t put my book down once I had started and more to the point I didn’t want too. The connection between the two of them was totally captivating, the underlying tension was fantastically tempered by a passion that was almost impossible to neither contain or deny and a realisation that in life the one thing you just can’t outrun is a love that refuses to fade away.


Topic: Whiskey Girl by Adriane Leigh

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