Take the Body and Run by Jada Ryker

3.5 Stars
I was a real surprise, I found the pace of the story pull me in and kept me hooked.
Macey is her own creation, a self-made woman and by that I mean she left the old her behind when skipped out of home, leaving her family and her past exactly where she wanted them to be, in her past.
She did all she could to make sure that her new life was the one that she wanted but a new town and a new name wasn’t going to be enough to keep her out of harm’s way.
Now I liked Macey but what the heck sort of college was she working at they were awful! They were mean in many respects it was almost as if they couldn’t wait to show her the door and after the first day she had, I wouldn’t have needed any encouragement to wave them all goodbye, I’d have been beating my way out the door like a shot!
They did everything they could almost to get shot of her but would someone actually let her take the fall for a crime she didn’t commit, because when she happens upon the very employee who threatened her as dead as the proverbial dodo, it is no surprise that Macey is at the very top of the suspects list!
Would the fabulous Detective Knox be able to see the wood for the trees or would the feelings that they both seemed to have for each other, cloud the picture or would the truth he uncovers about her past put paid to any romantic possibilities?
I loved the humour that was spotted throughout the story but I especially liked Brett, although I don’t know that I would have wanted to spend much time in the same room as him, I think he was a little manic!
I had complete confidence in not only Vince but also Macey but there were other players woven into the story, and figuring them out wasn’t as straight forward. I thought I had worked out who was responsible but I hold my hands up and admit I was way off base – never would have got it, not in a million years!
Oh, just a word of warning…. please pay attention to the glossary of characters at the start of the book – you need to know the main player and if you don’t take in all the detail you will be left high and dry!!
Overall, a clever book, one that was certainly entertaining.

Topic: Take the body and run by Jada Ryker

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