Label Me Proud

by Stephie Walls

Since childhood Lee, Masyn, and Beau have been the best of friends, always tight and have let nothing come between them, they have had each other backs since they were barely out of kindergarten but now they face a situation that threatens to upset their dynamic because Beau is getting married and that means that the invisible barrier that has been making sure that Lee kept quiet about how he really feels for his best friend Masyn has been removed.
But what if anything is he prepared to do about it?
I think that you will get so much from reading the story unfettered so to speak, so I really am trying to pick my words very carefully here, there is a lot at lay in the story but then again with love on the line there is a lot to play for.
I felt my heart both sink and swim for them as the story unfolded and that doesn’t mean that it was a total rollercoaster ride because it wasn’t but it was definitely far from straightforward and then again, love very rarely is a smooth journey.
I liked that the author gave the characters a lot to chew over, that they had stuff to deal with and decisions to make, each one working out how they needed to be in order to get what they wanted from the situation. I enjoyed the fact that the story was told from the male point of view that Lee had the opportunity to explain what was going on and more importantly how he felt about it all, inside a man’s head isn’t always an easy place to be but I felt comfortable with Lee and that was a bonus.
I could understand why Lee felt the way he did about Masyn, she was impossible not to like. She had a bright and lively personality and it was easy to want her to be happy, I thought she was a special character but then again so was Lee because it didn’t take long for the depth of feeling he had to become crystal clear and I do love a guy that loves his woman implicitly.
With a cast of characters that certainly added their own depth to the story this was thoroughly enjoyable and hijacked almost every emotion I had, this was a perfect afternoon read to while away the time in some very special company.

Topic: Label Me Proud by Stephie Walls

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