Grand Parade

by Lilliana Rose

This was a sweet sexy read that seemed to itch in with just the right amount of sass and sauce.

Megan is trying to get her career off the ground, photography is her passion but can this time she is heading out of her comfort zone, out of the city and into the big outdoors, in a bid to capture the perfect picture for her latest assignment. Unfortunately for her first venture into the countryside doesn’t go as planned and she is unfortunately on the receiving end of an blow by one of the bull that is on parade.

Jackson, is gutted about the events that have taken place, after all the bull is one of his but accidents are just that and there is nothing he can do about it now, other than try to make sure that Megan is ok.

The two of them were easy to read, Jackson has his issues, a past that was less than stellar but he was doing what he had to put it behind him, he showed just enough of his alpha tendencies, any more and I think the story would have been too predictable, too much for the intensity of their connection. But what I liked more than anything from the sexy soul was the fact that he cared, he was genuine, both immediately after the accident with his concern for Megan’s wellbeing and afterwards when he sets his mind to the fact that he wants more…the issue is …does Megan?

I think the author was able to really bring the story to life with some stunningly descriptive tones and deliciously evocative moments. The characters were sweet, yet strong and together they made a wonderful couple.

I loved the injection of humour that the author perforated the story with it provided a light relief, especially when there were aspects of the book that dealt with issues that were much deeper and more cutting than I had anticipated I would find in this book. Bravo to the author for keeping this totally realistic.