Falling Completely by Aidan Willows

For a debut novel they don’t come much better, this one is not to be missed.

The book follows Caleb, and believe me I think I would follow Caleb to hell and back if I had to… he was just the most perfect character, he was a strong alpha male, he made no bones about it and nor should he, just reading about him had me withering nicely and reaching for a fan!

But he wasn’t in the book alone, his cohort was Maliya and she was just superb.

She complimented Caleb to a tee, she was as strong as he was and more than able to handle him and his ways but boy was she one funny woman, I laughed so much at her inner chatter, she just brought the biggest smile to my face, I was so pleased that Caleb had her.

I think if I had to sum the book up in one word I would say it was romantic, but it was handled in a totally engaging way, Caleb while had all that sexy going on, was still the one chasing down his woman and boy did she make the chase worthwhile.

They were both so easy to connect with that the story itself was difficult to take time out of, so make sure you are comfortable!

It was a rollercoaster but not in the usual angst filled way, this was humorous, sensitive and sensual but it was also genuine and honest.

Oh and the author, well congratulations to you because you nailed the juicy parts…hands down!!!!

This was superbly written, bright and colourful read, it gave me characters that were easy to engage with and situations that were easy to get a handle on and care about.

I am looking forward to what this author brings out next because it is a one-click definite!!!

Topic: Falling Completley by Aidan Willows

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