Something to Believe In by Ella Fox

Get the handkerchief at the ready ladies, you will be a snotty mess by the end but you will love every second of it!

From the outset I just knew that Tyson was going to tear my heart apart but I didn’t know just how devastating his story would be. I could almost feel my soul fall to pieces with every word that I read, with very full stop I took a sharp intake of breath and with every chapter I loved him more.

Daisy, oh if ever there was a woman made with one particular man in mind then I think it was her, she could have been created for no-one other than Tyson. She was exactly who he needed at a time in his life when he was ready to accept her.

She was a smart cookie, as tough as nails and with zero tolerance for the platitudes of life, this woman called a spade and spade and if you didn’t like it that was your problem not hers, she stood up for what she wanted and who she wanted it with and had learnt from an early age that life isn’t fair, it isn’t all sweetness and light and that bad things happen to good people and she was good people.

They were sizzling together, they had an invisible strength that tethered them to each other at their very core but the past is a difficult thing to overcome, learning to let go and move forward is often easier said than done…what we had to hope was that this pair would find not only the way but the will to leave it all behind them.

They deserved better than they had in the past, they deserved better than they had now, they deserved a future of their own making but it was never going to be that easy.

And in that vein I would say that their story is one that deserves to be experienced, it requires attention and time and deserves your dedication, so this is my opinion on a book that is highly emotional and beautifully written.

Make of it what you will but I hope you find something to believe in with this book, I know I did.

Topic: Something to Believe In by Ella Fox

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