Hush by Xavier Neal

I’ve picked my heart back up and pieced it back together with barely enough time to collect my thoughts before I am ankle deep in Logan and Maxx again.

This series is highly addictive… you have been warned!

The book is as usual centred around the now blossoming romance that Logan and Maxx have going on but there are other things afoot that Maxx isn’t aware of yet and in which Logan shows that he is much more than those around him perhaps perceive.

Some of the other characters also show that they have more than originally we would have though and I have to say that the developments with CJ were a fabulous introduction to the storyline.

Logan’s determination to do right by the “kid” and the steps and measures that he puts in place are quite simply amazing, his heart knows no bounds and his determination to save the boy from a life that he know only too well left me speechless.

Once again, Xavier allowed me to learn a lot more about my two favourite people and to just get more comfortable with them being together, but then again like their whole relationship the end was a real kicker and while I hope that they can make the future work, life is determined not to make it easy for them.