Even the Score by Kate Meader

Tess and Hunter, a relationship of perceived hatred that has been cultivated on the basis of a supposition and hurt but one the hides a multitude of emotions and mistakes.

Tess was chief bridesmaid at Hunters wedding and he holds her responsible for the fact that his bride left him at the altar but were there more powerful reasons behind the events of that day, did fate have a hand in the fact that this pair were destined for more than just being friends through marriage.

Hunter has unresolved worries about the way people perceive him, he has fought hard to be the man he is today, having come from nothing his success is a testament to the fact that hard work really is served up from the character that you carry in your soul. He is a phenomenal character, a strong man, a self-made millionaire that in some respects secretly is riddled with self-doubt.

Tess is from the opposite side of the track but none the less has made it to where she is now in spite of her mother rather than because of her. Tess’s mum is Hollywood royalty but she keeps that connection quiet as she tries to forge a career in the business for herself.

Working in a murder mystery event the two of them are for the first time, in each other’s company again and Hunter has a proposition for her. Pretend to be his fiancé in order for him to secure a deal he is after and he will fund her dream to get her own theatre company off the ground.

So a weekend in each other’s company – she is an actress after all, shouldn’t be too difficult… you think!

The weekend is just fabulous to read, they are totally brilliant and the banter between the two of them is superbly written. But it is the connection and their realisation that what was meant to be 12 months ago has brought them to where they are now and that they should give what they have a go. After all the connection is steamy!

Now if it was all plain sailing, it wouldn’t be half as entertaining, Hunter almost screws it all up but the way he makes amends make my heart smile.