The Courage of a Cowboy

by Kristin Vayden

Feelings abound, this is the story of expectations awakened and getting what or should I say who your heart has always had its sights set on.

Kessed Ling has crushed long and hard for her perfect man, grown up with just one guy in her sights but what happens when the guy you think you want turns out to be hardly worth your time…well what happens is someone better comes along and is willing to show a heart that has built its defences so high that sometimes you just have to take a chance.

There is confusion, or perhaps misinterpretation may better describe it, but nursing a bruised heart Kessed has no desire to get her fingers burnt twice, men…. not again!

So, anything with sexy vet Jasper is completely off the table…or is it?

Jasper has seen Kessed around but always steered well clear, convinced much like Kessed has been that her heart and future belonged with someone else, but does he finally have the opportunity to be the man for her, the guy to show her what she has been longing for, a real man, a man that will stop at nothing to ensure that she feels loved…well with time and patience I couldn’t help but think that he just might!

The two of them were thoroughly engaging, they both brought their own strengths to their situation and much as they may not have been able to immediately identify that they belonged together, as the reader the banter, the humour and wit that the author put into their story meant that it was impossible to deny. They were charming together.

I loved the fact that this was rural, that living on the ranch was portrayed with an honesty that captured perfectly the picture that I have in my head of what life is really like living in what can only be described as rural isolation.

Topic: The Courage of a Cowboy by Kristin Vayden

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