Playing without Rules

by Rachelle Ayala


This is Marcia’s story and it is one that should be listened to and absorbed with both respect and revelation because it is as touching as it is beautiful and as passionate as you could ever imagine.

It is a story that shows in no uncertain terms that love no matter how challenging will never give up, and you shouldn’t either. Because the one that captures your heart is the one that is worth fighting to hold on to no matter what the consequences.

Marcia and Brock had the epitome of loves young dream until the day their lives changed and Brock walked away, not through choice, so please no hating him! But because staying would not only destroy him but further destroy the only woman he has ever loved Marcia.

Pain and suffering has been the companion of Marcia and Brock for the last 5 years but time and tide waits for no man and this man is claiming back what is his and what he should have held on to long ago – Marcia.

He has always considered, despite their separation that she belongs to him and now that he is back he intends to show her what they still have and just what they can build together for the future.

But can Marcia forgive – I am sure she will never forget but does she see the future as Brock does or will it all end in tears?

I wept for the love and time they had lost and for the pain that the situation had put them through, they deserved better not only from each other but of life. I got the feeling that they had faced so much that neither of them were sure if they could come good on the hope they had for the future but I had both fingers and toes crossed that they got what they deserved and could rekindle the love that was there within them both.

It was a struggle but one that was truly captivating. It was intense and captivating but above all the author mastered the realism of the situation and showed that with everything they had, they deserved the happiness that they were prepared to work for.

I have to say that this author has a deft touch when it comes to her choice of words, she is extra-ordinarily creative and super sensitive and I for one think that, those are two of the most perfect trails to have as an author – Playing without Rules is fantastic.