Las Vegas Sidewinders: Drake by Kat Mizera

So, book two in the series and it was a complete 360 from the first book.  

It was completely different from book one, it wasn’t so sports themed in many way, i know Drake was a hockey player but eth story didn’t really play too much on that. I actually think it was a really mystery, it had elements of the story that had my mind pickled.

The twists and turns come fairly thick and fast so it was imperative to pay attention to the story as it began to unfold and as more characters that were brought to the fore.

Drake was a fabulous character, he was a lovely guy, he was empathetic, kind a really good guy! But he has one think missing in his life, a woman to share it with. But he isn’t looking for just any woman, he knows that the woman of his dreams it out there for him and he will not rest until he finds her. But can his perfect woman a woman that has enough baggage to weigh down the world.

Erin Gentry is a military Major, a career that has taken her through both the highest and lowest points in her life. Recovering from the death of her best friend in a blast that also left her facing a future that changed for ever in the instant her world exploded.

Both physically and emotionally the woman she is now is struggling to find her place, she is sinking into a place that a woman of her strength and determination really doesn’t need to go, but when she meets Drake, what he has to offer and how he makes her feel is the last thing she can accept. She is struck with countless questions and doubts as to how it was possible that he couldn’t see how broken she is and why would he want a woman like her…when really the question is why would he not want her?

Drake, fell hook line and sinker but he had a battle on his hands to get through to this stubborn woman, could he justify the way he felt and would she accept him at his word?

They had so much hard work ahead of them that at times it was hard to see that they were ever going to be able to make sense of it all let alone find a solid footing with which to build a future. But could they fight the pain of their pasts and have their happy ever after? I really had my fingers crossed.

A super book x

Topic: Las Vegas Sidewinders: Drake by Kat Mizera

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