by L A Casey



Well, what to say about the indomitable Dominic?

This is like nothing I have every read before, it is sort of twistedly funny in what I can only describe as a moderately perverse sort of way.

Considering it is set in a high school and the main characters are effectively just kids, the profanity or more to the point the volume of profanity is astonishing. And as for being fist happy, well Jesus H Christ it is a wonder that any of them made it to the end of the day most days!!

Not that I feel that the profanity it is not valid because much of it only serves to solidify the story but wholly cow, these kids have filthy mouths!!!

Dominic (or Nico) depending on who is talking is leaning towards being a grade one arsehole, but I got the feeling early on that much of his bravado in school was a front and that there was something about him that despite his grumbling baby alpha tendencies he really was quite endearing, I got the message early on that this guy has it bad for the feisty Bronagh what I wasn’t prepared for was the lengths that he would go to, to get her.

Bronagh on the other side, I found fairly difficult to get a handle on and to be honest for much of the book she was actually pretty difficult to like. I am all for independent women and being able to stand up for yourself but hell, she took it to a whole new level, she really was capable of so brutal retorts and cruel derision.

But when you get into it and get a peek at the rest of the Slater clan, holy fuck they are delicious and it already has me dribbling just thinking for what the rest of the guys will bring to the table.

They have their secrets and when their back story is divulged it is far from ordinary and the reason for these five delicious men being in Dublin is not at all what I expected but the resolution was when it came was swift and on point, it was how I would have expected guys who grew up in their environment to deal with things in that manner.

Life is cruel and the book is anything but sugar coated.

Gird your loins people, batten down the hatches and open up your mind because this book will challenge and delight you and the characters will both charm and repulse you at the same time but you will turn the last page, loving the whole bloody barmy lot of them.

Absolute madness but a fabulously original!