Deaf by Xavier Neal

Well Maxx and Logan are back and they are taking baby steps towards finding their way together after the declarations made at the end of book one.

Nothing is ever easy when it comes to Logan and  Maxx but it is bloody funny and the writing style continues- thank god!!

The book sets off at a fairly steady pace, with them both tentative about where they are going but when they eventually get their act together their relationship is smoking hot.

Logan is just such a cool guy, I know that I should be a little peeved with him when he steps out of line but he is on uncharted territory with his feelings for Maxx and it is like watching a toddler trying to take their first steps, hard to watch and not be able to help but so endearing – I suppose that is what I find that I like about him.

Trying to keep her all to himself, he thinks making all the right moves, but Maxx is beginning to tire of being a secret, she want to shout it to the world that she has this adorable man all to herself and by the time Logan gets with the plan, the goalposts have moved and it just might be too late.

We get more of Erin and Luke in this book and I have to say that I was beyond annoyed with Erin by the time the end of the book arrived, I thought she would have fought harder for her friends and not been a contributing factor to the cliff hanger that greeted me when I reached the last page.

With book three Numb in the pipeline, I hope that we get the resolution I am praying for with Logan and Maxx. This pair have a past that will define their future but I pray that it is a future that they can share together.