Aquiring Hearts

by S Donahue


Ok, so the scenario is not new but that doesn’t mean that the book should be dismissed because if you do you will miss a sharp quick read.

It is not perfect and there is a lot that I would have liked to have had explained or clarified better but I have to say that I liked the book. It maybe didn’t knock me on my ass but then again, that isn’t always a good thing.

It blew away the cobwebs and gave me an old fashioned romance.

The storyline was a good one but at times there was too much going on and getting my head around it all was hard work. Now I like a book that challenges me but not one that loses me along the way only to gather me back up bemused and bewildered a few pages later.

I liked Gia and Brad, I loved her attitude and her feisty side she was more than willing to raise to a challenge when necessary.

He was determined, resolute, showing just a smidge of alpha which I hope is to be further explored.

There are a fist full of characters that you will need medication in order to be able to understand – far too many crazies in one place but they are somewhat counterbalanced by the family that surround them, especially Brad – his mum, eventually came into her own and Gia’s dad well I want him– he was epic!!!

But there were some points that I struggled with, I didn’t like the tempo in some parts, I was desperately trying to hurry them along, and it was as if they were toying with me and not in a good way.

I also found the editing distracting, it wasn’t as bad as some have implied but yes, it could have done with some work. But then again, I’ve never written a book, so perhaps I should hush my mouth.

Overall the book delivered but it had the potential to bring more to the party.

It gave me characters that I loved and the prerequisite characters that I could hate.

It gave me a couple that I could fall for and watch as they developed but who I could also willingly bash around the head at times.

Would I recommend the book – Yes, I think I would have to say that I would. It was decent story that with a tweak here and there could be great.