Texas SEAL

by Paige Tyler

Trent has two weeks enforced vacation to fill and is at a loss as how to best put the time he really doesn’t want to good use. But he needn’t have worried because no sooner has he reached the decision that he really can’t face the torment and torture of his family and the farm, not that he doesn’t love them he does but he knows full well that it would be its own special brand of loving torture and that is something he is keen to avoid! He may be SEAL but the one thing that puts the fear of god in him is the fact that as the only member of the family that isn’t married, his folks are hot on his case! Phew!

So when Lyla, his ex and his best friend Marco’s baby sister knocks on his door asking for his help to try and track down Marco, he was there ready and willing to do whatever he had to do find his friend. Now let’s just get this out of the way, Marco hasn’t always been a good guy, he has a past that is less than stellar but he is doing what he can now to remain clean and sober, so when Lyla’s gut tells her that there is something wrong and that her artist needs her help, she knows just where to turn.

She knew that no matter how long it had been since they had seen each other Trent would do what he could to help her in her quest. But would it be in vain? Had Marco slipped back into easy old habits?

Well at first glance it seems so and that inference has the pair of them evaluating not only what they’re going to do about Marco but also what they are going to do about the fact that they are both feeling a little more than friendship bubbling between them again. With time left to fill, they decide to make the most of his leave and spend it together but the big question was would they actually get to enjoy the time or was Marco and his activities going to be back to bite them on the butt!

Well that was the kicker because when it all kicked off, it wasn’t Marco that needed his help anymore but Lyla. Trent had to draft in help and with Marco by his side they had one assignment they have to fulfil…they had to save Lyla!

There were so many questions as this story unfolded that I felt addled by the time I got to the end, the twists and turns hurtled towards me and at times I was almost breathless!!

Could Trent bring Lyla back to him, and could they have the life that they truly deserved?

Would Marco’s revelations be accepted by those that loved him and they forgive him for the deception once it was all out in the open?

Fabulously written, I loved this, it was engaging and highly entertaining, it was packed to the rafters with detail and was an absolute delight!

Topic: Texas SEAL by Paige Tyler

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