Unwanted Love by Rachel Smith

A story about how far you will go to get the man of your dreams and the changes that one woman has to go through to get the guy that her heart desires.

Katherine Willis is the girl that no mother wants to see their son walk up the path with, she has a reputation, that she just can’t shake but when she happens upon Jaxson McAllister, I was hoping that she would at last catch a break, that he could bring all her dreams true because from what I could see, he was the light in what she thought was her dark world.

She had parents especially her mother that seemed to take little if any interest unless of course it was to cut her down with the harshest of words. I hated her mother but have to admire the tone with which the author brought her to life.

Jaxson has a beautiful soul, he is a truly great guy and that is all without taking his looks into account. But he had the making of Kat and refused to give her an inch of wiggle room. He stood tall regardless of expectation and situation and he stood by not only his principles but also Kat because when he set his mind to something, he was not going to be deterred and when he laid into Kat’s parents I had a smile the size of Texas across my face – you go guy!!!

Could they make it – well you need to read the book to find that out but I will say , you will not be disappointed, this is a funny read with a  cast of super secondary characters, especially Trevor, Presley and Josh.

The story doesn’t dither but yet it doesn’t sprint, the author allows the characters to dictate their own pace and to unfold their story with a charm an humour that kept me hooked.

Topic: Unwanted Love by Rachel Smith

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