Unplugged by Lisa Swallow


The guys from Blue Phoenix are back and this time it is Liam that in the spotlight.

Home is where we all run to hide and heel and being a rock star doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be close to your loved ones when you feel like you have been kicked in the gut!

Liam has done just that after seeing the pictures of his finance and another man.

Back in Wales and surrounded by his family, he is taking a breather from the drama of the despicable Honey behind him.

Cerys is Liam’s sisters best friend and has known Liam for many years, the grew up hanging out together but that is where the similarity in life choices stops. Because while Liam headed out into the world to make his mark on the music industry, Cerys stayed in Wales and now is the proud single mum to an amazing four years old.

A genuine guy, Liam has never been affected by all the nonsense that surrounds the band and his laid back demeanour was enough to make me smile when I was reading his story.

I hated Honey in book two of the series and in away although it was hard on Liam I was actually glad that in this book he finally got to see her for what she was.

Liam and Cerys were a great story that took its time to evolve.

It broached subject that were realistic and cohesive. They got to learn about each other, warts and all and to consider their options and all of the circumstances that surrounded their relationship. And for once Cerys got to see that when this man made her a promise she could believe that he was never going to renege on it.

The story is not all plain sailing, life and others get in their way – namely Cerys’s ex but Liam and Cerys had a bond that was tangible and a pull that was unbreakable.

I loved this book, it was great to catch up with Sky and Dylan and the other band members.

I can’t wait to see what is lined up for the other guys