Hopeless Vows

by Rachel Duncan


Marrying a man she has never met is a huge leap of faith for Jillian.

But it’s time to take the bull by the horns and put her future in the hands of some so called experts that reckon that they know just who she needs to be with.

So signing up to the latest reality TV show, Jillian jumps right in agrees to marry a man that she has never met but that the experts have handpicked for her.

Brave move???? Only time will tell

Austin is giving his all this opportunity and despite the fact that he knows that his new bride may be a tough nut to crack, he is determined that his marriage will last longer than eight weeks, this handsome man is playing for keeps!!

I loved Austin, his fight, his enthusiasm, his resolve, Jillian was one lucky lady but that is not to say that it was going to be smooth sailing.

They really grew into their relationship but there is just one little thing that is holding them back...Jillian and her hesitations.

They had overcome so many hurdles that I was clicking through the pages, smiling like a loon but I had a really bad feeling that whatever Jillian was keeping so guarded was going to drop the house of cards that their happiness was being built upon.

They spent their time together getting to know each other and strengthening their bond but as much as Austin knows that Jillian is his future, I was willing Jillian to just let him in, to give herself to him completely, to lay herself out for him and to stop hiding.

Austin has pushed his way onto my favourite guys list, I liked that he was a little bit alpha (alpha light so to speak) but subdued that with a whole bucket load of handsome sensitivity.

He loved Jillian and I knew she loved him but like in real life they made mistakes but they were trying to be what each other needed and that is a big positive in my world.

I loved the book, the characters held my attention and they captivated my imagination.


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