The One That Got Away

by Magan Vernon

From the blurb I thought I had a fairly good idea of where the book was going and in the point I was right but the author was able to draw me in and that increased my enjoyment. This was a second chance love story and we have all read plenty of those but the author did her best to give this one the opportunity to stand out and I have to say that in many ways she succeeded.

I thought the flow was fairly relaxed, it was as if that gentle Texas drawl had imbedded itself in the fibre of the book and was reeling me in page by page.

Jason and Abbeys prior encounter ended when he walked away, their plans to leave town and study in New York shattered when her folks pulled the plug on her funding and Jason left, blowing everything she had ever wanted out of the water, everything she had been working towards…including a life with Jason …gone.

But fast forward a few years and he is back in town following a family bereavement. Could they start again? Would they even want to try?

Well, I wasn’t sure that Abbey would be such a pushover, she had a big heart and big dreams but she seemed trapped in what was a really small town, but this girl needed to spread her wings but was the timing of his return right for that to happen now?

Could she accept the help that she gets from the most unexpected source and despite the hiccup or two that is placed in their way find her way not only back to the guy that she has never stopped loving?

There are secrets to be uncovered, desires to be fulfilled and hearts to be mended and the author manages to do all that with as little angst as possible. It wasn’t pain free, but it was relative and I liked that. I could relate to what they were going through, how they were feeling and why and that brought them to life for me.

Did they get their happy ever after, well that is for you to discover but all I will say is that welcome to Friendship!

Topic: The One That Got Away by Magan Vernon

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