When August Ends

by Penelope Ward

I adore Penelope Ward but for me, this wasn’t quite my cup of tea.
I found Heather a little difficult to get my head around to start with, she was just a tad too awkward for me and at times I found her actions a little cringe-worthy.
But she wasn’t alone at raising the heckles, because I didn’t take to Noah either straight off the bat! He was a little narkier than I wanted him to be.
I can say that as the story unfolded they began to come to the for and their personalities came to the for wand I began to make sense of why they were the way they were and who they truly were but it wasn’t angst free for me because they just seemed so at intrinsically at odds with each other, they tried to get together but there always seemed to be something niggling away at them getting to where they needed and wanted to be.
But did they make it, well that is for you to find out, but be prepared for an emotional ride, because there was a lot going on and the author wasn’t afraid to let this pair run both hot and cold. There were twists and turns, there was angst and there was romance, getting past my initial concerns took a little effort but the story came good in the end.

Topic: When August Ends by Penelope Ward

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