Eraser Blue by Megan Keith



Eraser Blue by Megan Keith

I was left bereft at the end of Eraser, the mere thought that, Sir had departed and was never to be heard from again – left me completely at a loss. It was beyond comprehension!!

But the mighty Ms Keith took pity on us suffering mortals and brought Sir back to us and OMG how did she!!!!

McKenzie longed for a second chance but she knew the rules – she’d had her night – he made that perfectly clear – one night an one night only – but what happens when the man himself, decides that he wants more?

Because now he’s back and he is back for one reason - her!!!

What can you say about Sir, he is an enigma, a powerful, sexy son of a bitch who could teach the other so called Alpha males that we all read about just how it’s done.

Eraser Blue is another short but intense read – Sir gives us a little more of himself but barely enough to tide us over until the next time – I think I may need a chuff chart to tick the days off until this man makes his way stomping back across my kindle

The perfect second instalment to what is one of the hottest series of the year so far .


Rating 5 out of 5