Solid Stone: Revolving Door by E.G. Patrick

Starting work is always a step into the unknown but what if that new client knocks the wind from your sails from the absolute get-go?

Violet was a puzzling characters for me, I found her more of a conundrum than I have originally anticipated.

Getting stuck in a confined space with a super sexy stranger isn’t exactly the worst thing that I can image happening but when you quickly discover that said sexy stranger is your new client, well than I can imagine needing a little time to calm myself down.

Violet was not that dissimilar, the draw between the two of them was off the charts and keeping their hands off each other was never going to be an easy task, so why bother!

Adam, well he had that whole demanding man vibe going on and wastes no time laying his demands on the line but will Violet pick up the gauntlet? Will she acquiesce?

I will say though that I thought the author was able to draw a plethora of emotion from both characters, but at times I wasn’t quite sure whether it was the correct emotion?

I picked up on bits of the story that struck a very similar vein to some other reads, but then again I don’t know that there are too many ways or words to describe the same thing so maybe I am being unnecessarily picky.

The work was beautifully written and didn’t falter as it journey with the two of on a path of a relationship that was offering what Adam wanted and for the most part, what I think Violet needed.

Violet, was just so naïve in some respects, I just kept waiting for the hammer to fall and for her heart to be broken, she was so innocent that I have my fingers crossed that Adam didn’t destroy her in the process.

But I was mistaken, in as much as I soon learnt that while he certainly wasn’t the sort of man that would very make it onto my top ten, he loved her, so I could take a deep breath.

Be warned ladies you will need a glass of water and a fan to hand with this one, it had the burners set all the way to inferno.

As this is the first in the series, I am looking forward to what else the author has in store for them.

Topic: Solid Stone: Revolving Door by E.G. Patrick

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